Friday, November 04, 2005


We had heard rumours over the past few weeks but got word from Children's Bridge today that we can probably expect a delay in getting our referral. Here's what Children's Bridge wrote to us: "there is an indication that time lines will start to stretch out in the CCAA’S New Year. They are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the growing demands of international adoption. Trying to match files in a six - seven month period is no longer feasible. I do think waiting families should start to prepare for a bit longer wait, perhaps nine (9) months to referral in 2006."

This is rather disappointing for us as we were sort of counting on traveling sometime in May 2006. Now we may not receive our referral until June 2006 and travel in August 2006. We know there is a specific child out there that God has already chosen for our family so we will continue to pray for patience.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

If it's a girl . . .

. . . she'll share the Dora room with Victoria.

If it's a boy . . .

. . . he'll share the Nemo room with Austin.