Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween 2009

I have to admit that we don't really make a huge deal out of halloween - the kids paint pumpkins, get dressed up and go trick or treating to a few houses and that's about it. We drive to some family and friends that live close by and then visit a handful of our neighbours. We do hand out candy to kids that come to the door but we don't go crazy with decorations or anything like that. The kids look forward to it and it's fun to see them in their cute costumes.

A few days before halloween, we asked Samara what she was going to say when she knocked on doors to go trick or treating and she replied, "Happy Birthday". Hmmmm . . . see, we obviously don't even talk about halloween that much! Don't worry, we set her straight before she actually went out and since Grandma's was the first house we went to, it was a good place to practice.

Here are some pictures of the kids all dressed up.