Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandma's Birthday Surprise

This post is long overdue. At the end of May, Grandma Carmody had a birthday. It was kind of a big one (kind of) and so I thought it would be nice to surprise her and drive down for the day. We don't usually see her on her birthday because of the distance so we figured it would be a good surprise for her. I let Grandpa know we were coming so that he would make sure they were home when we showed up. So off we went. Three hours later, we arrived and to say she was suprised was an understatement. I think we made her day! It was a nice treat for her to spend her birthday with her grandkids and her favourite daughter-in-law! (LOL . . . just kidding Tina!)

The weather threatened rain but it held off and we were able to spend a lot of the day outside. We had so much fun and of course the highlight was fishing off the dock. (especially for Austin!).

I tried to take a nice picture of Grandma with the kids and this is what I got. Now we know where our kids get their silliness from!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Picnic at the Park

We've been totally spoiled with the weather lately. We were able to spend another beautiful day outside at the park with friends. This was an adventure for the kids as they got to wade in the water and explore with their nets. We didn't catch much but we all had a good time. At first Samara and Denver were content sitting on the edge and watching from there. But then that wasn't enough and they too wanted to get wet. So that lasted for a bit until I had enough. The kids could've stayed forever but I found it all a little too stressful. Watching four young kids around water and rocks is not so much fun for Mama! But it was fun while it lasted and I had four happy and wet kids on the way home.

A Sunday Afternoon Hike

Another beautiful day meant we could get out and enjoy another hike . . . this time with Grandma Z. We tried out a place we had never explored before (thanks for the idea Heather!) and we loved it. The boardwalk was a particular hit and next time we'll be sure to bring our nets for catching frogs. We spotted a few frogs and even a turtle or two. Oh and next time we'll also bring a map so we know where we're going. The kids weren't too thrilled when they asked where we were and my answer was "I'm not sure" LOL! We'll definitely be back here again soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

An indoor kind of day

Since the sky (and the weather man) was threatening thunder storms today, our plans for a day outside turned into a day inside. We spent the morning at an indoor playground. The older kids had been there before for birthday parties but it was my first time there and also a first for the younger kids. What a hoot! They ran, jumped, climbed and slid for two hours straight. I enjoyed a coffee with my mom. Although it wasn't the kind of coffee you could just sit and drink the entire time. With four monkeys playing, it seemed we were called here, there and everywhere to watch, catch, take a picture or even climb up and rescue! It's always fun to watch the kids play together. The big kids enjoy helping the little ones and even when they say they've had enough of helping and want to run off and play, they can't help but lend a hand to a little brother or sister who needs a boost or a word of encouragement. It's great. Everyone had an enjoyable time and there were a few tears when it was time to go. Okay, maybe more than a few, but most of them came from a little curly haired boy who was having so much fun going down the "lellow" slide. Can't blame him really! (I had my camera on the wrong setting so my pictures didn't turn out very well).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun in the sun and water

After Austin's last sailing class this morning (yes, sailing - more on that in a future post), we headed to the park for a picnic with some friends. The rain held off for the most part - we only had to take shelter for about 20 minutes right after lunch - and we were even able to spend time in a wading pool/splash pad. The kids all had a great time and I'm thinking (hoping!) we'll all sleep well tonight!