Sunday, October 30, 2011


I tell my kids on a regular basis that they need to stop growing and stop getting older. And all four of them continue to disobey me on this! There's nothing I can do to make it stop and I'm not happy about it. On Friday Denver went and turned three! My baby. My little boy. Three.

He was pretty excited about his birthday this year. Every time we would talk about it coming up, he would say "I'm getting a scooter for my birthday". And when we questioned him on that one, he stated very matter of factly that he was getting it from Mommy and Daddy. Well, I guess when you're two, going on three, you can get away with it cause that's exactly what he got (thanks for the idea Denver!) He was one happy three year old riding that scooter up and down the hallway all day.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Seed Mosaics

We’ve been studying seeds in our Botany unit and so I thought it would be fun to make a craft/art project that would tie in with it. I purchased a few different kinds of bean seeds and lentils and peas so we could make some seed mosaics.

The kids first drew pencil sketches on a piece of cardboard. Then, we covered each section, one at a time, with glue. We then covered the glue with the seeds, making sure it was fully covered and then let the loose ones all off.

Eventually the whole picture was covered and the kids each had their own beautiful mosaic.

Austin made a tree and a flower.

Samara made an orange tree (it was originally an apple tree but we had no red seeds). the picture keeps loading sideways for some reason.

Victoria made a fish swimming in water.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cr@wford L@ke

Last week we were able to spend an afternoon at Cr@wford L@ke with some friends. What a great time we all had. It was so neat to see, touch, and experience some of the things we have been learning about in our Canadian Natives study. I think our favourite part was the longhouse. It was so cool to see how people lived so many years ago – what they ate, where they slept, how they played, etc. Our guide was great and explained everything so well to the kids.

Actually I think the walk afterwards was just as exciting. The weather was so perfect . . . an amazing Fall day! We got to enjoy a really neat boardwalk through the forest and around the lake. Hanging outside with friends and enjoying God’s creativity in the beautiful colours of fall (and learning at the same time) . . . doesn’t get much better than that!

Little Artists

I walked into the room yesterday to find this:

Doesn't she look angry? When I asked her what was wrong, I braced myself expecting to hear a story all about how one of her siblings mistreated her. But instead I was met with silence. Upon further investigation, I realized that Samara was standing completely still, like a statue, so that Victoria and Austin could draw her. She was being the perfect model. In fact, I tried everything to get her to smile or laugh but nothing worked. She continued to stand perfectly still, not even cracking a smile. I was the only one laughing!

Austin's masterpiece:

Victoria's masterpiece:

Samara's self-portrait:

And then Samara proceeded to draw Austin - superman suit and all:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chores . . . the lazy way!

Victoria and Austin usually take turns unloading the dishwasher. This is how I found Victoria the other day accomplishing the task when it was her turn. I guess it's one way to get the job done.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The run

Another year, another run. This was my fifth year participating in this particular run and it was by far the coldest! Victoria was feeling bad for me that I had to run in this weather. She said, "poor Mommy, you're gonna be so cold". I explained to her that in fact, out of all of us, I would be the warmest as I was the only one running. I felt bad for them having to stand in the cold wind and even a little rain as they waited for me to cross the finish line. I do love having them there though and hearing their little "go Mommy" cheers as I run. I even got a few high fives as I passed by.

I wish there didn't have to be organizations and runs such as these but since there are and since we continue to fight this dreaded disease, the least I can do is run year after year. Thanks to all those who sponsored me. Your support means a lot and the donations go to a great cause.