Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Forever Family Day - 5 year anniversary

We interrupt this blog posting drought to bring you a very important message. TODAY has been 5 YEARS since we held Samara in our arms for the very first time. FIVE YEARS!!! Feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once.

A trip down memory lane:

February 2007 - Forever Family Day

February 2008 - One year home

February 2009 - two years home

February 2010 - three years home

February 2011 - four years home

And the present - the here and now - our beautiful blessing!

Thank you Lord for blessing our family with this precious gift.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, she's adorable!
The snowy pic is the BEST!
Wow, 5 years? Life is way too short for all this baby goodness :)

darci said...

Oh! Love this pst!! What a great day to remember and celebrate! She is beautiful, and looks like such a joyful little soul!

Catherine said...

Congratulations! 5 amazing years together!

How fun to watch your sweet Samara grow and change of the years!

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Happy 5 years to your whole family, Karen! I'm so glad we got to meet in China, if only for a few minutes. Samara is such a beautiful little girl! Hope you have a wonderful Forever Family Day!

Anna said...

Happy forever family day! Cute, cute, cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure know how to bring tears...
Our dear Samara there will never be enought words to tell you how much we Love have added so much Love to our Family
Thank you Lord.....

xoxo Grandpa & Grandma

Anonymous said...

What a darling girl.......looking so grown up. M. Bailey

Lisa said...

Loos so pretty, those smiles are priceless. :)

Mellissa said...

There is a new Facebook group for Canadians adopting internationally!
Would be great if you joined!