Sunday, October 30, 2011


I tell my kids on a regular basis that they need to stop growing and stop getting older. And all four of them continue to disobey me on this! There's nothing I can do to make it stop and I'm not happy about it. On Friday Denver went and turned three! My baby. My little boy. Three.

He was pretty excited about his birthday this year. Every time we would talk about it coming up, he would say "I'm getting a scooter for my birthday". And when we questioned him on that one, he stated very matter of factly that he was getting it from Mommy and Daddy. Well, I guess when you're two, going on three, you can get away with it cause that's exactly what he got (thanks for the idea Denver!) He was one happy three year old riding that scooter up and down the hallway all day.


sallytomato said...

Where has the time gone?! Happy Birthday to Denver - he's grown so much. LOVE those curls!!

The Quinn's

Anonymous said...

Happy B'Day look cool on that scooter!Hey...where is your helmet? Haha
xo Grandpa & Grandma

Heather said...

Man, time flies!
Happy Birthday, Little Man!

darci said...

THREE!! How on earth?? sigh..I know what you mean, it just goes too fast..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Denver, little man! what a handsome guy. :)

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Happy birthday to Denver! Karen, he is just adorable! Glad to catch up with you guys again! Looks like all is well in the Carmody house :)


Anna said...

Wow, time flies. Happy birthday, big guy!! Cool scooter!!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Den Den!! What fun to have a scooter to play with...and no snow yet so you can actually try it out! :o)