Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was our birthday weekend. I thought I better post some pics before they get even older! Austin was first on Friday - he turned eight! Oh boy - and I thought three was bad!
Practicing on his new skateboard makes up for having no snow on his birthday!

He even beat his mom at Settlers of Catan.

On Sunday Victoria turned 10. Double digits! Oh my . . . what am I going to do - all my babies are getting older! It's been a non-stop concert around here with her new karoake machine. So fun!


darci said...

Happy birthday to both!! Wow busy month at your place:)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Austin!! Settler's is a great game! I'd love to play with you someday!!

Happy Birthday Victoria! Cannot wait to see and hear you in concert!

Anonymous said...

Hope you both had a great birthday!! We were thinking about you!! :-)
Love, UB,AM,B,Z,C&S