Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey look . . . it's me!

It's been way too long . . . again.

The adoption workshop we hosted a few weekends ago went really well. We had such positive feedback and so we are planning to host it twice a year with the next one being in March 2012.

We are gearing up for Christmas finally. We got our tree and the rest of the house decorated today - about two weeks later than usual. We went to a great Christmas presentation yesterday with the kids. Click here to see the details. It was so well done and all six of us loved it.

I don't have much else to say so I'll try to post some pics. Mike took a few of the kids in front of the tree before bed tonight.

And here's a nice group shot. Seriously, it was the best one.


Janet said...

Okay, they are all good, but the last one? My favourite. :-)

So you had trouble with your Cockapoo? ACK! What sort of trouble? Email me!

darci said...

yay!! i checked back and I see it! :) so, it's me, not you ;)
GREAT pics..i love your group shot, lol!! that is my life!

Catherine said...

Ah, now those are the kiddos we all know and love! Heh!

glad you enjoyed your Christmas presentation! We went to ours last night too and Hannah was enraptured! She didn't budge an inch for 1 1/2 hours! SO well done!

Cute pics of your adorable sweeties!

Delana said...

Great blog and pictures! Blessings to your family! merry Christmas!