Thursday, November 03, 2011

Adoption Workshop

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On Saturday, November 19th we are hosting an adoption workshop. It’s a one day event that will help people investigate adoption from a Biblical and practical perspective. It’s based on a DVD series from Hope for Orphans entitled “If You Were Mine”. The workshop will explore topics such as:

- God’s heart for the orphan
- The processes and challenges of adoption
- Agency selection and funding options
- How to prepare yourself, your family, and your home
- What to expect when your child comes home

The goal of the workshop is to encourage families toward wise, loving decisions that are rooted in God’s Word and based on healthy expectations about adoption. We want to encourage anyone to come – whether you’re sure adoption is in your future but you need some more information or whether you’re just thinking for the first time, “I wonder if adoption is God’s plan for our family”.

Looking forward to it!


Catherine said...

Praying for this exciting, wonderful day!

I remember my first adoption workshop. It was life changing!!! She's sitting beside me right now! :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes...exciting,wonderful day!All the best...

darci said...

well that's weird (not the post..that is awesome!) but my blogroll said you had posted in the last day and when i popped over it brought up this old post... can't get anything more recent then this. bummer! :( anyway,hope you are well!! darci